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Outdoor Living and the Joy of Charcoal Portable BBQ

Outdoor Living and the Joy of Charcoal Portable BBQ



I firmly believe portable barbecues are an excellent tool for outdoor living. I've always enjoyed the rewards of cooking on charcoal, and I'm sure that my favorite childhood memories are forged around the smell and flavor of a campfire or portable barbecue.


By cooking outside, I get a whole new experience of food. I can create my own menu with ingredients from my garden, local suppliers, or that I found in nature! There are many benefits to using a portable grill like those over at Tanz Products, like the fact that there is no fuel to transport or store. They are also easy to use and easy to clean.


Using a portable barbecue is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for lighter fluid, fuel, or propane tanks, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Easy to move from campsite to campsite, they can be the centerpiece of any outing!


It helps me relax a lot more too! I don't get stressed as I do with using one of those cumbersome gas barbeques that demand that everything be just to function.


Outdoor cooking should be about friends and family coming together to chat, eat and relax. It's not about worrying about grill marks or burnt food on one side raw on the other!


The LotusGrill allows me to safely manage the intensity of the heat with its adjustable vent, and from a nearby hut, our campers can see what's cooking. It also allows me to control flare-ups and keep an eye on the kids.


One last benefit is that if I suddenly decide it's time for dessert or a coffee break, I can pack up my portable BBQ and move to a new location with no worries about what I might be leaving behind.


I don't think I'll ever be going back to using one of those 'regular' barbeques! I'm looking forward to many more wonderful meals around my LotusGrill!, so where do I get charcoal from? You can buy charcoal NZ wide directly off TANZ Products web store or alternatively  contact us on to ask , where to buy charcoal near me?


Tanz Products portable BBQs are available at TANZ Products Portable BBQ Collection. Click on the link to buy your next BBQ Direct online.




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