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Spies and Lies Book Review

Spies and Lies by Alex Joske is a highly informative and intriguing book that delves into the covert operations of China's Ministry of State Security. It provides a deep insight into how the Chinese Communist Party has been manipulating the West's attitudes towards China's rise through its influence operations, which has been kept secret for years.

The book challenges the conventional account of China's past, present, and future by exposing the lies and deceptions carried out by the Chinese Communist Party through its elite influence operations. The author unravels decades of manipulation, highlighting how Chinese intelligence officers have been successful in deceiving the West.

Joske's research is thorough, with interviews with defectors and intelligence officers, access to classified Chinese intelligence documents, and original investigations. The book unmasks dozens of active Chinese intelligence officers, along with global MSS fronts, such as travel agencies, writers associations, publishing houses, alumni associations, newspapers, a Buddhist temple, a record company, and charities.

In conclusion, Spies and Lies is an indispensable read for anyone interested in understanding the complexity of China's political system and its influence on the West. It provides a groundbreaking exposé of China's covert operations, which is essential for policymakers, academics, and the general public. The book is an eye-opener and a must-read for those who seek to uncover the truth behind China's rise. Avaliable from  Amazon

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