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Grill Master's Toolbox Inventory

The Grill Master's Toolbox Inventory.

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No Master of the Grill would dare call him or herself such without having an impressive variety of tools.
There's certainly no shortage of variety!
The truth here is: you don’t really have to put a lot of money into it, but there are a few that are simply, absolutely necessary for safety's sake.
Anything listed here as long-handled is pretty much a must-have.
That is, unless you don't mind singed eyebrows.
Long Handled Utensils
This includes at least...
* Two spatulas
* Two long handled forks, and
* A long handled spoon (for moistening meat or pouring sauces over meats).
Why two? One for raw meat and one for cooked meat; to prevent cross-contamination.
Oven Mitts
‘Long Sleeved’ oven mitts are definitely needed
...and the thicker they are, the better!
Get high-quality mitts that will truly protect your hands and lower arms from the heat and fire.
Long Handled Hooks
These are used to open the lid of the grill or, to adjust the racks/grates when the grill is hot.
Absolutely essential safety tools!
This is used for brushing meat & vegetables with sauce or oil.
If you brush raw meat with the brush, you will need an extra brush for brushing cooked meat.
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