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Exploring Different Types of Charcoal: A BBQ Enthusiast's Guide

When it comes to igniting your BBQ, the choice of charcoal can make a world of difference. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into the various types of charcoal, from coal to briquettes and lump charcoal, giving you a well-rounded understanding of what to use for your next grill session.

 What is the difference between charcoal, coal, briquettes, and lump charcoal?

Charcoal: This classic grilling fuel is created by heating wood in a low-oxygen environment. It burns cleanly, produces less ash, and imparts a natural smoky flavor to your food.LotusGrill Beechwood Lump Charcoal and BBQ Ignition Gel

Coal: Unlike charcoal, coal is a fossil fuel extracted from the ground. While it burns hot and long, it can release harmful chemicals and isn't ideal for eco-conscious grillers.

Briquettes: These are made from compressed charcoal dust and additives. They burn consistently and are budget-friendly but might contain binders and fillers. (chemicals)

Lump Charcoal: A favourite among purists, lump charcoal is all-natural wood that burns hot, fast, and imparts an authentic smoky flavour. It's ideal for those who want an authentic BBQ experience.

Which variety of Charcoal, coal, or briquette is best for the Environment?

For eco-conscious grillers, choosing the right fuel is crucial. Charcoal is the greenest choice, as it's made from renewable resources. Coal is the least environmentally friendly due to its extraction and emissions. Briquettes can vary, but some are made from sustainable sources. Lump charcoal is a good option if you seek a natural, eco-friendly choice.

Does lump charcoal burn longer?

Lump charcoal may burn hotter and faster than briquettes, making it ideal for quick grilling sessions. It doesn't necessarily burn longer, but it offers a superior heat output, allowing you to sear meat to perfection.

Is lump charcoal good for smoking?

Absolutely! Lump charcoal is a favourite for smoking aficionados. It imparts a distinct, clean smoky flavor to your meats and other dishes, enhancing the overall barbecue experience. It's a top choice for those who love that authentic smoky aroma.What alternative BBQ Fuel type is available?

If you're looking to diversify your BBQ experience, consider wood chips or chunks. These can be soaked in water and added to your charcoal for an extra smoky flavor. Propane and natural gas are also alternatives for those who prefer convenience and precise temperature control.

Does the smoke from my Charcoal BBQ add flavour?

Without a doubt, the smoke from your charcoal BBQ adds a delightful flavour to your food. The type of wood used in your charcoal will influence the flavour profile. Hickory is known for its strong, sweet, and smoky taste, while mesquite offers a robust and earthy flavour.

What reviews are published on LotusGrill Beechwood Lump Charcoal?

Brand Logo Of Portable BBQ LotusGrill

LotusGrill Beechwood Lump Charcoal has garnered rave reviews from BBQ enthusiasts in New Zealand. They appreciate its high-quality, all-natural composition and its ability to infuse food with a rich, smoky flavour. It pairs perfectly with the Lotus Grill XL Portable BBQ Model, ensuring you get the best small portable charcoal BBQ grill experience. The LotusGrill premium natural lump charcoal is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 100% certified. This certification confirms that the wood used to make the lump charcoal comes entirely from FSC-certified, well-managed forests.


Choosing the right type of charcoal for your BBQ is essential for a successful grilling adventure. Whether you prefer the natural, authentic experience of lump charcoal or are eco-conscious and opt for charcoal, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge you need. So, fire up your grill and savour the mouthwatering flavours of your next BBQ feast.



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