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A quick look into key products available from TANZ Kitchen Equipment, including outdoor & indoor TANZ Kitchenware Accessories, portable BBQs and BBQ accessories.

Our online store offering includes items from Lotus Grill, EcoFurn, Stickkan and our TANZ Kitchen & TANZ Kitchenware range of products.

You may wish to look at these BBQ Accessories and TANZ Kitchen equipment items before heading to the full list of products available within the TANZ Products pages.

TANZ Kitchen Equipment

Set of TANZ Shredder Claws

Perfect for shredding Pork, Lamb, or Beef. TANZ Kitchenware products sell this Bear Claw Shredder primarily to meat lovers or barbecue enthusiasts.

After barbecuing your meat to perfection, simply use TANZ shredder claws to lift and hold the meat in place. The protein under a tight grip can then be shredded apart or sliced apart using a knife or another utensil. The shredder claws sharp prongs make quick work of the meat, and you'll have perfectly shredded meat in no time at all.

What can you use Shredder Claws for?

But that's not all BBQ Shredder Claws can do. They're also great for lifting and moving large cuts of meat, such as a whole turkey or brisket. The claws make it easy to hold onto the meat and move it around without risking burns or injury from hot surfaces.

But don't just take our word for it - here's a review from a satisfied customer:

"I've been using BBQ Shredder Claws for years, and they're one of my favourite barbecue tools. They make shredding meat so much easier and faster, and they're also great for moving large cuts of meat around. Plus, they look really cool! I always get compliments on them when I'm using them at a cookout."

Look no further, if you're looking for a versatile and efficient tool for shredding, holding or lifting your protein. A must-have piece of kitchenware equipment for barbecue and slow cooking techniques. look no further than BBQ Shredder Claws. With their durable design and multiple uses, they're sure to become a staple in your barbecue toolkit.

LotusGrill BBQ Accessories

Fondue Set Insert For LG340 Classic Portable BBQ.

Did you think that Fondue was only created for cheese? Have you a vision of the traditional Swiss Fondue Set? Well, Fondue cooking has been redefined when you use the LotusGrill Fondue insert and enjoy an event with friends. This accessory is created for insertion within the LotusGrill Classic Model, Model LG340. It guarantees you a unique fun and enjoyable tasty cooking outcome. You and your friends will have an exciting and fun-filled grilling and fondue outcome when seated around your table enjoying the LotusGrill Fondue Set.

You can grill your meat on the grill plate while at the same time quickly cooking healthy vegetables, mushrooms, fish and other delicacies in the fondue bowl. The meat juices run down the curved grill plate into the stock for additional seasoning, giving the broth a particularly delicious flavour. This product and its use is particularly popular with customers who enjoy an Asian broth outcome. But let's not disappoint you. You can be traditional and use the same equipment to create a cheese fondue, or if you have that sweet tooth, get busy with a chocolate alternative. Your Fondue set comes with some menu and recipe ideas. The stainless steel and enamelled insertion bowl has a griddle plate attached to its centre enabling grilling and comes with four sets of tongs to place food on and off the fondue.

Teppanyaki Plate

For connoisseurs of Asian cuisine or looking to grill that butterfly chicken dish, or a simple Bacon and Egg camping breakfast, then look no further than using the LotusGrill teppanyaki grill plate on your preferred barbeque. This teppanyaki grill plate can be used on either side, simply place it on the LotusGrill and you're ready to go. The smooth side is perfect for cooking delicate foods such as fish and vegetables, while the ribbed side is ideal for searing meat and creating those delicious grill marks. The teppanyaki grill plate is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean up afterwards.


We hope you've enjoyed our overview of TANZ Kitchen Equipment. With our wide range of products, you're sure to find everything you need to create delicious meals for your family and friends. So why not browse our selection today?

LotusGrill Portable BBQ Range


The Range of LotusGrill Portable BBQ Grills is renowned for their unique, ingenious features and the benefits they deliver.

Lotus Grill Range of Barbecues is based on charcoal Barbecuing. We strongly support the manufacturer's advice and recommend the purchase of the Beechwood Lump Charcoal for use with these portable BBQs. The bags of charcoal have been made specifically for the grills and you will find the charcoal pieces fit perfectly within the supplied charcoal baskets and do ensure that a long and efficient cooking time can be achieved. The manufacturer highlights the benefit of reduced smoke when cooking. This comes from a combination of how the protein fat drips into the stainless-steel bowl, and not onto burning coals along with the type of charcoal promoted- The LotusGrill Beechwood Charcoal range.

Don’t be concerned with reduced smoke, you do not lose any taste in your meal, as when you apply a hood to the cook, you do hold smoke inside that gives that BBQ smoking outcome.

Each model comes with an option to purchase a BBQ Grill with its own unique colour set. Present colour offerings include Mandarin Orange, Blazing Red, Blue, Anthracite Grey (almost Black), Lime Green and Purple.

Somewhere in there, you will find a colour that suits your needs.

We have listed some of the additional benefits and features that you will find with this portable BBQ range.

The charcoal is up and ready to cook in under 5 minutes. The ingenious fan design, providing flowing air through the charcoal basket ensures the start of your charcoal burn is rapid and efficient. You simply must place a small amount of the recommended Ignition Gel onto the ignition plate, turn on the fan and light the Gel, once it is light, place the charcoal basket on top, and thereafter with the airflow you will see the charcoals ready to cook on within the five minutes.  Once the charcoal is burning fiercely reduce airflow to ensure you manage charcoal burn time and temperature levels.

Each BBQ Grill comes with the opportunity to purchase a hood or lid. These are fitted with Thermometers, enabling you to gauge what heat your food is cooking at. In most cases, if you are doing a light burger or steak meal, you actually don’t need the hood or thermometer, but if you have a longer cooking experience planned with say a beer can Chicken or a bigger piece of meat, then having the hood is recommended. Each model has its own hood type, which you can find and research for here.

A portable bbq LotusGrill Classic G340 model is perfect for smaller households or impromptu summer gatherings, a must-have for that next portable camping BBQ you are planning with friends and family. It is cleverly designed to be convenient to transport, with for example the portable bbq LotusGrill Classic G340 weighing only 4kg. The other portable models also weigh a similar amount, ensuring no hardship in carrying your equipment with you. I have found the ability to also move the grill whilst it is cooking to be also very advantageous. Often you may find the weather changes on you or you simply wish to change places when you may have started cooking. With the clever double-skinned bowl design, lotus grill portable BBQs stay cool on the outside, allowing you to handle the grill, even when hot. Suitable for up to 5 people. 

There is no question that this range of portable barbecue is known to be ranked highly among the best portable BBQ NZ wide range of portable grills available within today's New Zealand-wide marketplace.

Technical Data on LotusGrill Portable BBQs

Material Design is common across its full range. They are constructed with Steel and shock-resistant plastics. The grid, inner bowl, charcoal container, and latches are made from stainless steel.

Included within each of the portable BBQ types are:

One unit of a Grill Grid, Charcoal Container Cover, Charcoal Container, Ignition Plate, Inner Bowl, Coloured Outer Bowl with integrated Battery Case, Latch set, an On/Off Switch for Heat Regulation with a Light Indicator, 4 x Battery AA 1,5V DC, 1 x Battery Case Cover, a single USB power cord, the Portable BBQ Carrying Bag and Instruction Manual.

No assembly is needed for the portable BBQ grill range.

 LotusGrill Garden Charcoal BBQ Range

 You may have seen this description before “Simple Idea, Big Effect. This undoubtedly can be applied to the Lotus Grill Portable BBQ Range and the LotusGrill XXL, known to us as the Garden Charcoal BBQ. With its dual features of two battery-powered build fans that provide airflow to the charcoal baskets and a double-layered outer bowl construction, which in effect means the outer bowl when touched is not overly hot when touched, you get an insight into why LotusGrill advertise its products as the safest and fastest of its kind.


You can be assured that with this setup the BBQ Grill is fired up and ready to cook upon in just 5 minutes. You have a unique flexibility within the LotusGrill XXL model as each of the fans can be separately adjusted to any level. This means that the temperature of the individual charcoal containers can be set precisely. The simple fan system ensures that when you increase the fan level, air which is blown into the charcoal produces a hotter burn. Sparks or airborne embers are reduced to a minimum as the charcoal is burning with. A closed charcoal basket container inside the BBQ. We have enjoyed some significantly larger BBQ outcomes with this XXL Model. Think a lamb or half a lamb, or a large crowd that needs a full depth and variety of meals. You can easily cook for up to 15 people from this BBQ. We have illustrated a half lamb in our image, but if that’s not required and you simply need to cook a pizza, then turn on one fan and cook this over your Stoned-based pizza set and enjoy your crispy pizza outcome.  

To ensure the best possible outcome we refer you to the manufacturer's recommendation to use the LotusGrill Ignition Gel and LotusGrill Beechwood Lump Charcoal.

Where can you Purchase These Products?

 Within New Zealand Australia- From our website, TANZ Products Ltd

 Within Europe and The United Kingdom If you are looking to purchase these products in Europe, you can find a variety of suppliers by visiting the Lotus Grill German home site or simply visiting Amazon UK or an Amazon European site will get you to the product.

We recommend visiting Amazon in Singapore, Hong Kong and within the United States.







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