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Collection: LotusGrill Portable BBQ Collection

A message from the owner of LotusGrill Germany.

The LotusGrill Portable BBQ NZ Collection features four models of Portable BBQ.  

The LG280 - Mini Portable BBQ

The LG340- Classic Portable BBQ

The LG436- XL Family Sized Portable BBQ

The LG600- XXL Garden BBQ on wheels.

The Portable BBQ NZ Collection is provided by LotusGrill GmbH, the specialist in innovative portable barbecues and BBQ accessories. The Portable Barbeque range emerged from the tradition-steeped company Lotus, a well-known household goods manufacturer, kitchenware, cookware, and barbecue utensils. Lotus is known for innovation and has never rested on its laurels. LotusGrill is an enthusiastic, inventive developer who constantly comes up with new ideas and can’t stop improving and working on every project. And that is how the new low-smoke LotusGrill Portable BBQ range came about. The Charcoal Portable barbecue is based on a simple but “sizzling hot” idea for making grilling especially simple, speedy, and safe.

Further models soon joined the original classic LG340 portable bbq grill. Today, the range is rounded off by its “little brother,” the LG280 portable bbq, the LotusGrill XL(Family sized portable bbq), and the XXL with the specially developed wheeled trolley. Perfect as a garden BBQ.

As an independent family company, LotusGrill places excellent value on innovation and sustainable quality. The LotusGrill Portable BBQ NZ range of portable grills is an attractive lifestyle product that has received many accolades – and it is an international must-have. People in more than 25 countries on different continents – including the USA and New Zealand – enjoy barbecuing fish, meat, and vegetables on the LotusGrill portable BBQ. It is TANZ Products Ltd's pleasure to represent the sales of the LotusGrill Portable BBQ range and its associated BBQ Accessories, adding to TANZ Kitchenware and TANZ Outdoor lifestyle items.

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